Art Instructors

Charis Qian

University of Toronto - Honours B.A - Visual Studies Specialist with a minor in Media Studies

I became very interested in drawing ever since I was 4 years old. Throughout my years of study, my interest gradually blossomed into a deep passion for visual arts and design. My strong academic background in art has provided me with a strong foundation in various art mediums and techniques. In 2005, I graduated at the top of my hometown in the Gaokao examination from the Shunde District and was accepted by the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. With my strong passion for art, I came to Canada to continue my arts education when I was 17 years old. I majored in the visual art program in Bayside Secondary School and graduated with a specialist degree in Visual Studies with a minor in Media Studies from the University of Toronto. Since 2011, I have been working as a fine arts teacher for one of Toronto’s most well-known and formal fine art learning centers. I also organized and supervised all of their camp programs. These experiences have given me a wide range of skills in teaching and working with children. Meanwhile, I have been tutoring middle school and high school graduate candidates to prepare their art portfolio for post-secondary education. My students successfully received offers from the University of Waterloo Architecture program, Western University Fine Arts program, Ryerson University Architecture, Fashion Design, and Media Production programs, Earl Haig Secondary School, Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School, Unionville High School and Westmount Secondary School Visual Arts program. I have a strong feeling that I am not just teaching children, rather I find myself learning a lot from them instead. Purity, truth and innocence are the qualities I always see from children which I admire the most.

Phillip Shi

Harbin Engineering University - B.A - Dual Major in Animation Design

Brock University - M.Ed - Master Degree of Education

I am from Shandong. When I was three, my grandpa realized I had the potential in art. Since then, drawing became my afterschool life. Thanks to my art teachers, my drawing skills improved efficiently over the years. I graduated from Harbin Engineering University with dual major in Animation Design in 2009.The four years university experience elicited my attention to study a lot and research on the Chinese education system. I had a strong feeling of being a teacher in future. I came to Canada in 2009, and finished my Master Degree of Education in Brock University. In two years of study, I found my ultimate goal of being an art teacher, because I am professional in both art and teaching. After graduated from Brock, Charis and I worked together as partners in a well-known art school in Toronto for 5 years. I believe that education is not a one-way process from teacher to students, it is both teacher and learner are interacted on each other.

Chara Ho

Chara is a multimedia storyteller who studies Media Production (BA) at Ryerson University. She is a classically trained musician with an ARCT Performance Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Having completed over 13 years of drawing classes, Chara uses her passion for art as a freelance photographer and graphic designer.

During school, Chara is actively involved in radio, film and television productions as well as a magazine publication.

also tutors English and works as a summer student at Universal Music Canada. In her spare time, she enjoys creative writing and painting.

To view her portfolio or get in touch, visit her website:

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