Passionarte’s philosophy is to learn while having fun!


Nowadays, arts education is becoming more and more popular with children as a favorite pastime or a prospective career path. For us, art is the creation of visual, auditory, or performing artifacts that express the artist's unique imaginative skill intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. Drawing and painting are two of the most common options for children's art education. As art teachers, we believe that drawing is not just a technical skill and that children should not be limited by just two forms, of media. We would like to show children that there are numerous forms of art including calligraphy, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, photography, dance, installations, performance, and language. Therefore, instead of applying our idea of creative representation onto the student, we encourage and in­ spire them to create their own ideas of a masterpiece and develop their own unique style. Through this, we also hope to foster their patience and perseverance. In our classroom, we would like to create a comfortable and creative atmosphere for the students. We aim to guide students to slowly fall in love with art as they find their own methods of creative expression. We are restricted to eight students in each class and teachers are alternative every other week. Our educational background allows us to create a balance of Chinese and Western educational combination of perseverance and freedom for creative exploration. Both Charis and Phillip started drawing and painting within a Chinese educational background around four years old. Teachers and parents constantly forced us to practice for competitions and exams. Neither of us enjoyed this type of atmosphere as it made us think of learning art a chore rather than a hobby. Thanks for the continuing studies experience in Canada, we loved the teaching environment and our passion for art grew even stronger. We wouldn't say we are artists or educational experts either. We would proudly consider us art lovers. During our previous experience as teachers, we discovered that we loved to work with kids and always received positive feedback from parents. Teaching connects our love for creating art with working with children. We hope every class is an enjoyable and challenging journey for our students.

Tuition update : Feb 2022